Dismantle the pillars : This will require 3 people, unscrew the three legs on the long side and lift the table from one side carefully, and the legs are removed and placed away. The table is slowly placed on the floor on soft floor protectors. Unscrew the other 3 legs and lift the table to remove the legs and put them away and place the slate slowly on the floor.
Loading  the Slate : Load the slate on a Piano Trolley on the long side, and use floor protectors before moving the trolley over the floor.  Move the trolley over the hydraulic lift of the truck and place the slate in a way it can be easily loaded on to the truck, and once it is lifted roll it inside and remove it from the trolley and wrap it with blankets and strap it to the truck walls to prohibit it from getting damaged during the move.
Loading the Legs : Load all the legs of the pool table on the truck and wrap it in blankets to avoid transportation damage.
Unloading the Slate : Follow the same guide to unload the slate as stated above in loading the slate. Move the slate to the place you want the table to be located.
Assembling the legs : Lift the table from one side and screw all 3 legs, once done let the table rest on the legs and lift the other side and screw the other 3 legs and place it down slowly. Once done you can lift the table and place it in a place you want.
In-case there are stairs involved in the move, it is most advisable to consult a removalist for the job, removalists have special ramps which assist them moving a pool table smoothly over the stairs