Moving a Fridge almost seems a no-brain er , but make no mistake there are risks which needs to be considered. Having proper planning , the right tools and a second help can almost make the move easy.

Read the user Manual
All major leading brands have proper moving instructions printed in their manuals, and they should be followed correctly to avoid warranty void.

Remove the Contents

  • Get an Icebox and remove all the frozen contents of the fridge and move them over to the Icebox.
  • Remove all other contents from the fridge , Milk and other leftover content with short shelf life is always better to be given away or thrown away.

Move Preperation

  • Shutdown the fridge and remove the plug from the socket , wrap the cord and let it sit for at-least a 6 hours to defrost before a move can be attempted. Overnight shutdown is easiest and most recommended.
  • Leave the door open, so it can defrost quicker and so it does not have foul smell.
  • This is also a good opportunity now to give the fridge a good clean in and out.
  • Remove all movable shelves and boxes out or use strong tape to secure them inside the fridge because movable items can easily get damage in transit vibrations. A good tape is recommended as cheap packing tape can cause permanent stains in the fridge interiors.
  • You may also want to get protective sheets to protect the surface against scratches while in transit. Handy glad-wrap is also a cheap and quick protection against minor transit scratches.
  • Close the fridge door and secure it with a rope, so it cannot open in transit.
  • Get a 2 wheel trolley , and load the fridge from the back, so any potential scratches are not visible after re-installation.
  • Using a moving strap is always a help especially when there are stairs involved.
  • If you think the size of the fridge is too big for you to handle, you are probably right, get a friend to help you with the move.
  • Clear the doorway and any potential trip hazards upfront.
  • Measure the doors and choose a path with most clearance to the fridge.
  • Do not tilt the fridge too much, as this can cause cooling gas to destabilize and result in irreparable damage to the fridge.

Loading & Unloading

  • Use a truck ramp to load it in the truck and secure it inside the truck with straps.
  • After unloading and positioning the fridge in location, make sure you do not switch it on until at-least 6 Hours. Any destabilization of the gases need to stabilize before a power on. ( refer to the user manual for exact requirements, as any action not recommended can lead to warranty void on your fridge )