Office Removals

MOVING CHECKLIST Office removals is not just about packing everything into crates and loading them into a van – that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Using an accredited removals company, such as Melbo Movers, can ensure that every last detail of your office removal is planned by professionally trained office removals experts.
We know how hard an office removal can be. Between delicate and sensitive equipment like computers, projectors, and monitors, bulky and unwieldy equipment like desks and conference tables, and general office supplies, it can be a headache to get your things where they need to go safely. Furthermore, we know it’s essential for any business to get moved as quickly as possible, in order to be up and running quickly. Lucky for you, Melbo movers has a special focus in providing effective and efficient office removal services, to get your business’ belongings where they need to go, and get a load off your chest at the same time.
Not only will we ensure that sensitive equipment is securely packed and safely transported, but we can organize and label additional equipment like cables and attachments, in order to aid workstation reconstruction and get your business online as quickly as possible. We employ secure and durable packing materials to protect your business’ equipment during its travel, and our packing and moving experts can ensure quick and sensitive transportation to your new location.
We can service your company, whether from a stand-alone location or a high-rise complex or industrial park, and provide a variety of vehicles to choose from depending on your needs and volume. Contact one of our associates to choose the ideal plan, fleet, and specialists for your next office removal or relocation

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